About Us

MDO Capital and MDO Investments (MDO) specializes in commercial real estate loan restructures, recaps, loan and sale brokerage. MDO also owns multiple commercial and residential properties and invests side by side with clients. The real estate acquisition platform has become a major contributor to MDO over the several years as MDO seeks to accumulate a portfolio of Tier 1 CRE assets with stabile cash flow.

MDO Capital Restructuring

MDO’s clientele in the restructuring/modification business seek advisory services on CRE loans requiring a modification of extension to existing loan terms. The assignments range in complexity from a straight loan extension to a more involved negotiation for principal and interest rate reductions, interest only/reducted amortization, extended loan terms and/or recourse reduction or elimination. See Company History for more detail on types and number of deals.

MDO Capital Loan and Sale Brokerage

MDO provides debt, equity and loan sale brokerage services to its clients. The Company has an array of debt and equity sources through its relationships over the past 25 years in the real estate finance business. MDO has access to the largest financial institutions, funds, mortgage REITS as well as agency (Fannie/Freddie) and FHA financing through its DUS relationships. 

The Company also provides sales brokerage for its clients. MDO has been active in CRE property sales specializing in the more complex real estate transactions where a specific/proprietery financing vehicle may be required to assist in the capital stack.

MDO Investments

MDO Investments (“MDOI”) is a division of MDO Capital and was created in 2011. The mission statement of MDOI is twofold. First, provide MDO Capital a real estate portfolio that provides synergies with our clients as well as real estate assets that create cash flow and value over time. Secondly,  provide clients with a full service solution on both debt and principal transactions. 

MDOI has been a very active division within MDO Capital.  Clients have taken advantage of MDOI’s full service platform in multiple ways. MDOI has acquired several real estate properties with its clients since 2011. The Company is typically called upon to put together the debt as well as contribute a pro rata share of the equity capital on a particular transaction. MDOI is currently invested in 14 assets across the US with a total  asset value over $500mm.  MDOI has a long term hold strategy focusing on cash flow and asset appreciation although certain deals may be a shorter term horizon. The product types include office, retail, multi family, mobile home parks and residential land. MDOI’s ownership and role varies by transaction and the partnership agreements can be tailored to the client’s specific needs.

MDOI also provides debt for its clients when there is a gap between the loan request and the loan available in the marketplace. MDOI will step in and provide a subordinate loan to accommodate the transaction. In terms of collateral and structure MDOI is flexible and creative depending on the need.  MDOI has provided loans under the following collateral circumstances:

1. unsecured loans guaranteed by a company or principal

2. mezzanine loans

3. springing pledge behind a mezzanine loan

4. junior participations in senior loans in order to induce senior lender for more favorable terms for client

The above loans have been placed side by side across many different lending platforms including CMBS, balance sheet, CLO’s, CDO’s and other securitized vehicles.

MDOI has provided loans over $10 million since inception and has anywhere from 4-5 loans outstanding at any given time with total balances in the $3-5 million range.