Company History

MDO Capital was founded by Mark Osgood in April 2009. Since inception, MDO Capital has successfully closed over $2.5B in transactions. Of that $2.5B, MDO Capital effectively closed $1.85B of restructured loans as well as acting as principal agent for the acquisition of $627 Million of RE assets. The closed restructures have entailed principal reductions, DPO’s, interest rate reductions/accruals, extended loan terms and recourse forgiveness and reductions.

Experience Matters

MDO Capital’s clientele includes institutional and middle market domestic real estate companies as well as Asia and the Pacific Rim. Additionally, relationships garnered by Osgood and his expertise facilitated the acquisitions directly through the lender (bank, mortgage REIT, CDO collateral manager, CMBS special servicer/controlling class certificate holder). Osgood on behalf of MDO Capital acted as the sole advisory on a successful acquisition through a special servicer receiver sale objected by borrower which was a landmark deal in the CMBS market. Osgood further orchestrated a joint bid bankruptcy plan with the debtor and new capital source whereby the MDO Capital client was awarded 100% ownership and control of a $336 million multifamily portfolio throughout the U.S. Osgood’s unique knowledge of the CMBS and CDO securitization servicing process has enabled a 98% closing success rate on transactions.

Osgood’s banking experience has allowed him to garner extensive relationships with several senior level management personnel at most of the major Commercial and Investment Bank’s. Osgood’s relationships with many special servicer operating committee members have allowed rare direct access for restructuring resolution.